A New Way to Renovate Your Home

Posted On March 8, 2022

By Katie Gantt

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option to boost your home’s value, there’s a new, innovative and eco-friendly trend in home renovations, thanks to Spray-Net. 

Spray-Net offers Columbia homeowners a smarter way to paint homes, and it isn’t with a fancier brush. 

Using a patented process, Spray-Net has invented a new way to renovate and paint the exterior of your home. Whether your home is clad with stucco, brick, or siding – or you want to update the look of your windows and doors, Spray-Net can restore a factory quality finish to your home’s exterior and make it look brand new. 

Spray-Net was born out of the problem with traditional painting that many Columbia homeowners know all too well. “The issue with painting homes in the Columbia area using traditional paint is that the paint peels over time and needs to be redone, which is a time-consuming and costly process,” says Spray-Net’s founder Carmelo Marsala. 

Marsala used the problems with traditional painting as the inspiration to invent Spray-Net’s patented painting process. Through a combination of custom chemistry and a relentless focus, he discovered a way to create more durable and longer-lasting paint and process. 

In fact, Spray-Net’s paint is so durable, the company offers a 15-year warranty against peeling or chipping, which is transferable, a value-added feature for anyone looking to sell their home. 

The best part, is the cost for Spray-Net to paint your home is comparable to that of a professional painting company. The company manufacturers all its own paint to ensure its high-quality standards are always met. Each coating is customized to the surface and compatible with our additives to adjust it for the weather on the date of application, that’s why it’s guaranteed to last.

"Using our proprietary line of industrial-strength coatings and patented application processes, we renew and transform existing surfaces that most people think can’t be painted but, instead, replaced," he said. "We revamp and transform stucco, brick, aluminum and vinyl siding, front and garage doors, aluminum and vinyl windows, and even kitchen cabinets.” 

 In just one day, Spray-Net delivers a permanent, factory finish that won’t peel and that looks just like-new, not repainted. They’ve taken the process of factory painting and optimized it for application outside the controlled environment of the factory. By bringing factory results directly on-site, they give property owners a real alternative to replacement. The cost of the solution is immediately outweighed by the increase in curb appeal and overall property value. Unlike some renovations that don’t pay off, Spray-Net's renovation solution allows property owners to literally see a return on their investment. 

Spray-Net’s proprietary paint and service have caught the attention of many high-profile home renovation and interior design professionals. HGTV stars on Property Brothers have collaborated with Spray-Net to revamp homes. 

“We are excited about helping homeowners throughout the entire Columbia area find a high-quality and cost-effective solution to transform and update their homes,” says Ryan Martel, local Spray-Net Columbia franchise owner. “While we offer a unique solution, customer service is our true passion. The smiles on our customers’ faces after they see their home for first time is what drives and inspires us.” 

Ryan Martel is a local entrepreneur and has partnered with Spray-Net to open the first location in the Columbia area. To book a free consultation to beautify your home with Spray-Net, call  (803) 525-2241. or visit their website at www.SprayNet.com.