A Special Type of Joy

Posted On November 5, 2021

Gain Motivation to Decorate for Christmas with these Tips

By Joy R. Calderwood    Photos by Wingard’s Market

Have you been feeling more like Ebenezer Scrooge than Jolly Old St. Nick this holiday season? Are the reasons for not decorating your home stacking up higher than the reasons to decorate? Does the idea of digging your way through a storage room in search of Christmas decorations seem distressing?

Especially for those who will have minimal guests in during the Christmas season, the idea of decorating may seem like nothing more than one more chore to add to an already full list. But those who have a family, whether young or grown, will be wise to carry on the tradition of adding at least a little holiday décor to their home to set a festive mood. Doing so helps to differentiate the holidays from life's normal routine. A change in décor can give your mood a boost.

Arouse Your Senses

Deep in each person's heart lies a special type of joy that sits dormant for months. You may have sensed this lack of joy yourself--the type only the festivities of Christmas jolts back into place. Sure, decorating for Christmas might have been more fun in days gone by, maybe when the kids were little, but don't let excuses stand between you and the season's delight that could be yours.

A unique sense of anticipation and frivolity occur during the Christmas season. The atmosphere is filled with new sights, sounds and scents all through the city. Only you can choose to be part of the fun.

Decorating Releases Creativity

Decorating for the holiday season can tap into the right side of your brain stirring your imagination, creativity, and self-expression. The season presents unique opportunities to venture into the world of artistry, the kingdom of cuteness, the gallery of creativity, and the mesmerizing realm of the bizarre and kooky.

Anything goes where Christmas decorating is concerned. You can make your own or save yourself some time and energy and shop at local, tried and true, holiday shopping destinations like Wingard’s Market on North Lake Drive in Lexington.

To Decorate or Not Decorate

You can defend the idea of not decorating all you want. Decorating does take time, energy, and sometimes money. Decorating can lead to frustration as glass balls fall and break on hard floors, and garlands and bows resist sticking to the doorframes and mantelpieces to which you apply them. Stockings always seem to be too heavy to stay hung for long.

But if you do nothing, life will remain as it is. Amid the possibility of frustration arising, remember Ebenezer Scrooge, the character in the story The Christmas Carol.  It took a special ghost of Christmases past to show Scrooge all he had missed out on over the years. Don't miss out like Scrooge did.

You can be sure, once you decorate your home for Christmas, the atmosphere will change. Indoor lights will add the perfect amount of sparkle to revive any mood. Your décor will be sure to warm the hearts of family and visitors alike even if they don't say so. Outdoor lights will brighten the neighborhood that otherwise would be dismally dark.

Pump up Your Mood

Changing your space with Christmas décor can shift your attitude. Why spend money on a vacation away from home when you can transform your space and gain a similar sense of renewal?

Even Ebenezer Scrooge changed his perspective by the end of the movie. No longer did he say, "Bah Humbug." After being shown a life of missed opportunities, Scrooge was a transformed man by Christmas Day. Once he made the decisions to change his ways, he became gentler, kinder, and more compassionate and, in return, experienced heart-felt joy becoming a gift-giver too.

Winter is too long in most cases. Use the festivities of Christmas to give yourself a boost. A little seasonal decor sprinkled throughout your home is sure to put you into a holiday spirit.