Beauty Made Simple

Posted On January 31, 2015

A new year – a new year. Follow Lisa on her journey of discovery as she learns how simple – and effective – a beauty routine can become.

By Lisa Arnold  Photos by Sally Taylor

 Pout Salon Columbia SC

I admit that I am a "beauty product junkie."  I rip out pages of magazines and purchase the latest and greatest cure for every skin, makeup, and hair dilemma that I struggle with and some that are not even an issue (yet anyway). I have bags and boxes of unopened or "used once" skin and hair care products and makeup sitting in my bathroom and the corner of my bedroom.

I own three hairdryers, two sets of hot rollers, six curling irons and two flat irons. I have all of 10 minutes to do my makeup in the morning and less than that for an evening skincare routine (thank you whoever invented the "baby wipes" for our faces because I can change diapers in the dark therefore I can wash my face).

Twice a year I box up and give (most) of the products to friends of mine. They are appreciative but I'm sure think I’m crazy. I'm not quite sure how I got to be this product-addicted person but clearly I need help.        

When I heard that Susan Posnick was going to be at Pout! in Columbia for the day, I thought, "There’s no better time than the present to get a head start on that New Year's resolution of "simplifying my life” (beauty routine included).   Ironically, I had a hair appointment scheduled that morning and decided that it was time for me to rid my bathroom of my past "addictions" and start fresh. I headed out of the house with NO makeup, messy "I shampooed yesterday" and "barely brushed it this morning" hair and decided that I was going to let the experts take over.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics

Susan Posnick is the founder and owner of Susan Posnick cosmetics and I was excited to meet her and have her do my makeup. Susan was traveling the world and painting the faces of celebrities and supermodels when she was diagnosed with skin cancer on her face. She reflected on her life’s journey so far, and set out on a mission to create products that were of the highest quality, used great colors and were free of preservatives, emulsifiers, chemical dyes and fragrances.

When I walked into Pout! and introduced myself to Susan, she pulled a mesh makeup bag out of her handbag that was 7 inches wide and 4 inches tall and said, "Everything that you need can and should fit into here. The bag is machine washable and because it's clear, you can run it through airport security checkpoints."

She went on to tell me that as a busy woman she understood that everything we need to make us look and feel beautiful should be both easily accessible and usable. I was completely perplexed at this idea because I usually have to check an additional suitcase containing just my beauty products, most of which never even get used.

COLORFLO foundation is the foundation of her cosmetic line and is a mineral makeup containing only nine (not a typo) natural ingredients. COLORFLO is a self-dispensing, refillable, extremely luxurious makeup brush that contains a product that works as a foundation, powder and sunblock. As she started applying it to my face, I didn't feel the sensation of anything on my skin except the silky brush. I asked her, "What makes mineral makeup different?"   Susan replied, "I prefer to call it healthy makeup and it's not what's in it that makes it different, it's what's NOT in it."

I have extremely sensitive skin so I immediately was enamored by this concept and then she told me that it was sweat proof and water resistant. I was enlightened and wanted to cry, thinking that I had been "married" to the wrong foundation(s) for 30 years.

"The problem with most cosmetics is that if you have a reaction it is very hard for a doctor to tell exactly what caused the reaction because there are so many ingredients in the products that are on the market today." When she pulled out the mirror for me to look at my face I couldn't believe the difference in my complexion yet I didn't look like I was wearing makeup.

Next, it was time for color; blush, bronzer, eye makeup and lipstick. The blush even had a little mirror on one side of the container so that I could, "do my makeup without even getting up from my seat on the airplane." Susan knew exactly what colors to reach for and started using luxuriously creamy pencils on my cheeks and eyes. The dual tipped "Color Correct" pencil was a correcting concealor on one side and a brightener (and contouring/lip liner) on the other. The eye shadows and eyeliners were the same pencil. The way you changed it was all about the angle at which you held the pencil. Someone should be paying these cosmetics overtime!

Lastly, Susan applied the perfect "Tokyo" red colorssential lipstick. It was so creamy and wonderful I thought I might eat my own lips. Then Susan handed me the mirror and as I looked at myself I couldn't believe the before and after. She handed me a mesh bag with 8 things in it and said, "That's all I used on your face."

I decided not to eat my lips but preserve them for a fabulous dinner at Garibaldi's with Susan and the ladies from Pout! After all, it was only proper for us to introduce her to crispy scored flounder while in Columbia since she doesn't get that in Dallas. Although Susan herself is not always in Columbia, her cosmetics are always available at Pout!

Cille Galante of Pout! on Skincare

Recommended skin care products for all skin types:

  • Clean - Chantecaille Rice and Geranium cleanser (which will remove all makeup but not strip the skin of its natural oils)
  • Tone - Chantecaille Rosewater Spritz
  • Serum - Chantecaille Vital Essence (Great source of vitamin C which is very important for skin)
  • Face Cream - Chantecaille Magnolia, Jasmine and Lily Healing Emulsion
  • Eye Cream - Chantecaille Stress Repair Eye Cream

Beth Dickerson of Capelli Salon on Haircare

I walked into Capelli and told my hair stylist (magician), Beth, that I was in need of beauty rehab. As I lamented about my issues; amount of time spent on my hair, the cost and amount of products purchased, the anxiety and fear of being without my beloved straightening iron, Beth just nodded. A few minutes later she returned with her magical color blend and her expert hair advice:

  • You need to start thinking of taking care of your hair like you do your skin; cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. It's that simple.
  • Finding and using products that address your hair type; texture, condition, chemical treatments (color/keratin), and other issues such as graying hair or psoriasis is the first and most important step.
  • You only need to shampoo you hair every two to three days. Shampoo strips your hair and scalp of its natural moisture. If you shampoo your hair too often your scalp will heal itself by producing more oil (just like skin) leaving you with greasy hair. It's fine to wet your hair in between shampoos but make sure that you condition your hair each time to seal the cuticle and prevent split ends.
  • Use heat appliances that are ceramic or ceramic blend. Make sure they have a temperature gauge so you know how hot it is and if it's maintaining that temperature. You wouldn't use an oven to cook food at an unknown temperature and hair melts at 426 degrees. (I went home and immediately threw out my curling and flat irons and invested in new ones) Also, always make sure that you use a thermal heat protectant on your hair before styling with a heat appliance because not using one is like going out in the sun without sunscreen.

Beth's go-to products (all available at Capelli Salon) for every hair type are:

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash - A hydrating wash that cleanses your locks and doesn't weigh them down is magical in winter. This shampoo blends vitamins and oils (think, kakadu plum for vitamin c, evening primrose for moisture) to replenish and restore.

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Rinse- A hydrating rinse that seals in moisture w/ a similar blend of vitamins and oils as the Hydrate Me Wash, and, also containing biotin to aid in overall hair health.

Joico K-Pak Restorative Styling Oil- This is a lightweight oil designed to seal moisture in your hair, block frizz, and protect/repair your hair against sun damage (through their blend of argan, manketti, and evening primrose oils).

Joico Humidity Blocker Hairspray - The product has a light hold, is buildable (as in, can add more as needed), and offers 48-hour protection against humidity, which helps maintain that blowout a few days longer.