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Posted On May 18, 2017

Dentistry as it should be

By Warren Hughes


Celebrating almost 40 years in practice, Cinnamon Hill Family Dental office owner Dr. Milan M. Humplik finds dental medicine as satisfying as when he first began. 

“Even I find it hard to believe I have been practicing almost 40 years,” he observed recently. “You may ask íf it ever becomes boring? My answer is no, not at all. If you do something satisfying like dentistry, you find it as exciting and as satisfying as ever.”

Humplik’s practice covers the gamut of comprehensive dentistry and it is hands-on, he points out, as he does most of the procedures himself. “At the end any given day, I find I have done just about everything a dental office can offer for both pediatric and adult patients: extractions and crowns, root canals, fillings, cosmetic bonding, dentures, whitening and periodontal work and that is in just one day,” he noted.

“Of course, over the years, every dentist realizes what he finds most satisfying,” Humplik reflected, “and in my case, cosmetic dentistry and root canals are among them. “The most rewarding experience is giving a patient his smile back, a smile he has missed for many years. You can see the difference just in the photos we always take. The first one, before we start, they try to smile and show their teeth, but their expressions are never happy,” he observed. “But what a difference when we take the final picture,” he notes with satisfaction. “We don’t have to tell them to smile – it comes naturally and the whole face is suddenly changed. Their lives are changed at that moment, too. We often see tears of joy and get many hugs from happy patients,” he said.

As for his other most satisfying procedures, he says, “Root canals are very challenging, delicate and have to be done absolutely perfectly as most procedures in dentistry.  “You can’t take any shortcuts and the work has to be perfect. For all these reasons, even after 40 years, I still love my profession every day,” he concluded. 

Originally from the Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia, Dr. Humplik graduated from Charles University Dental School in Prague before he and his family moved to Switzerland, where he continued work as a dentist.

Dr. Humplik and his family immigrated to the United States in 1987. He got his second dental degree from prestigious Tufts University in Boston and, after 23 years of working in his own dental practice in Milton and Canton, Massachusetts, he decided to move from cold New England winters to the warmer climate of Lexington, South Carolina. Finding that he missed the daily interaction with patients, he opened a private practice in the Midlands in 2016.

Cinnamon Hill Family Dental is a family oriented practice with emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. Smile makeovers and cosmetic bonding in one visit are a specialty. All procedures are done in a very relaxed atmosphere and patient comfort is his highest priority.  

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