Columbia Speaks

Posted On September 9, 2020

“Above all, Minh is such a joy to work with.”

by Katie Gantt

In the company of Minh Le, a modest and soft-spoken woman, it’s easy to forget that her designs have graced the runways of New York and the pages of Vogue. A quick glance at her polished personal style and a visit to her immaculate, inviting boutique, 831MINHLE, and one soon remembers they are in the presence of a local style icon (albeit a very humble one). While her couture collections have earned accolades from the who’s who of the fashion industry, it’s her loyal clientele of Columbia and Midlands area women that are the heartbeat of her operation.

The boutique’s layout reflects the intimate nature of the 831MIHLE experience. While a dazzling display of luxurious fabrics – taken form in tops, dresses, suits, gowns, Italian jeans, and more – awaits guests as they step inside, half of the square-footage is dedicated to Minh’s sewing room and an adjacent open area, used for custom fittings and getting to know clients. This area features a statement floor to ceiling mirror, awash in flattering light, and comfortable chairs meant for sitting and chatting. It’s in this space that Minh gets to know her clients and expertly translates their dream wardrobes into reality.

Read about just a few of these clients’ experiences in their own words.  

“Minh was a joy to work with. She took the time to get to know me and the purpose of the design she created for me. It was the perfect outfit for our event. I would highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Karen Alexander-Banks

“Minh always has on beautiful clothes and her designs have been featured around the world; I was intimidated when I met her and thought I would never be able to work with her. She proved me wrong! While one-on-one with Minh, I discovered she is the most personable artist I have ever met. Minh’s art is with her designs and fabrics, and she is a magician with fitting a woman’s body – on the runway and in real life. She studies your movement and gets to know who you are and what works for you. She designed a beautiful green and lace gown (see pictured) that I wore when hosting the Caring Hearts Ball.

“Now, in the thick of COVID-19, she is designing tops and dresses that work for me while I am chasing a 7-year-old and running Zoom meetings. I was initially concerned her price points would be out of reach for me, but once again she proved me wrong. Her designs are attainable for all women regardless of budget, career field, clothing size, or location – she is remotely designing clothing for friend of mine located in California. I cannot recommend Minh enough. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed!”
Catherine Cantey

“The designs you will find at 831MINHLE are every woman’s dream. Her fashion forward pieces are showstoppers and masterpieces. Minh is extremely professional, a perfectionist, and pays attention to every detail. She aims to please her patrons through the careful construction of her apparel, and she delivers – every time. Minh brings the creative spirit and element of couture to the Carolinas. Perfectly positioned in the Midlands, she uses her expertise, flare, and zeal to create signature pieces that are customized to fit each client’s form, style, and fashion palate without duplication.

“Her designs are her own children – she nurtures and births each piece to bring joy into her clients’ lives and closets. I have been exceptionally blessed and honored to know and work with her. Each unique piece she has designed for me a fashion delight and a personal treasure. At 831MINHLE customers will find a warm, inviting, upscale boutique where there are both off-the-rack and signature design options. I love my shopping experience, the price points, and integrity you will find at 831MINHLE.”
Dr. Traci Cooper

“I was so excited when I found out I was going to meet Minh because I’d heard what a fabulous designer she is. Since we’ve met, Minh has created many custom pieces for me including several jackets that fit beautifully. I can’t help but feel confident and special when I’m wearing them. Above all, Minh is such a joy to work with. Through our collaborations, I have found Minh to be ever so passionate about her work. She has a rare, innate drive to please her customers as she works tirelessly yet magically, creating the most awesome and unique designs. Minh is truly a treasure and we are lucky to have her in our community!”
Cindy Saad