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Posted On July 31, 2016

South Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care (SCVSEC) offers topnotch professional medical services from highly trained, compassionate doctors and caregivers.

By Katherine Pettit

Visit the testimonials section of the SCVSEC website and discover that pet owners are enthusiastically grateful to these doctors and staff who have treated their companion animals.  These are from-the-heart messages that convey everything about what patients and their humans can expect when seeking a diagnosis, and hopefully a cure for what ails Trigger, Charlie, Carlos, Lacey and all the rest.

The state-of-the-art facility provides the technical tools and resources needed to treat and care for these animals, but it is the staff and the doctors who use their training and expertise to make the difference.  

Board-certified specialists and emergency veterinarians conduct research and publish their findings to critical acclaim.  They stay on the cutting edge of the research that is curing and improving quality of life for animals who, just a few years ago, would have been untreatable.  They are leaders in the Midlands community, providing support to causes and organizations who work to make life better for us all.

The support staff is just as impressive, serving as wonderful caregivers, while continued training keeps their credentials current and attending workshops and seminars ensures continued learning.

Families using SCVSEC are able to make informed decisions about pet care and treatment because they are given the facts, through testing and personal communications.  That happens, at least in part, because SCVSEC offers a remarkable range of services to diagnose animals who are unable to tell them where it hurts, or how they feel.

South Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care

An accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association* 

Regular AAHA evaluations to assure highest compliance with standards of care, including Surgery, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Exam Facilities, Pet Health Records, Cleanliness, Emergency Services, Nursing Care, Diagnostic Imaging and Anesthesiology. 

Level  II Certification by the National Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society – designating SCVSEC as a 24-hour acute care facility with medical staff, personnel and training essential to provide emergency and critical patient care.

*Just 15 percent of North America’s Animal Hospitals meet these stringent criteria for quality care in veterinary medicine.

Services Offered

We hope we’ll never need these services.  But if (and probably when) we do, it is incredibly reassuring to know that high-tech services and highly trained physicians and staff are available close to home.  Working closely with your family veterinarian, their compassionate team will guide you through the treatment process, educating you each step of the way, so you can make informed decisions about your pet’s well-being and medical needs.

Cardiology.  Echocardiology, Electrocardiology, monitoring, digital radiology and more.  In layman’s terms, they have the resources to discover the problem with the heart quickly and accurately set up treatment plans.

Dermatology.  Skin disorders are common, but can be complicated to diagnose accurately, through allergy testing, biopsies, and video otoscopy to examine delicate ear canals that are prone to issues.

Internal Medicine.  The treatment of lungs, blood, immune system, hormone system, urinary and reproductive tracts and gastrointestinal tract can be complex.  Technology helps expedite and improve the process.

Oncology.  Cancer is a tough diagnosis, but it’s not the death sentence it was in the past.  Treating cancer is far more successful now than ever before, using a combination of therapies and experienced supervision.  For those choosing chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy or a combination, the results can improve quality of life and perhaps add years of good health.

Radioactive Iodine Therapy.  A minimally invasive treatment that has healed more than 500 cats with hyperthyroidism, producing a cure 98% of the time.

Interventional Radiology.  Highly specialized and available in only a few institutions in the southeast, these services include pacemaker placement, heartworm extraction, stent placement and more.

Emergency Services.  SCVSEC is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with unanticipated illnesses, traumatic injuries, or chronic conditions that worsen.  High-quality care for your pet means comfort that experts are doing everything possible, using resources not available everywhere.  Anytime access to skilled physicians can mean all the difference and on-site diagnostic tools speed the process and lessen the distress felt by humans and animals.

The Human Animal Bond

Back to the testimonials.  You’ll find thankful notes of appreciation to many doctors and staff at SCVSEC.  Dr. Sara Fritz, a small animal veterinary oncologist on staff, offers thoughts shared by many at the practice.  “As veterinarians, we contribute not only to the well-being and health of their patients, but we also have an equally large responsibility to contribute to the peace of mind of the humans whom those animals live and share all aspects of their lives.” Indeed all of the doctors and staff members understand that strong connection.  Many have it in their own personal lives, with beloved pets who share their homes.  Compassionate care is a strong part of the medical treatment equation, especially when coupled with experience, professionalism and state-of-the-art technology.  If Daisy, Rowser, Rex and Kibo could speak, they’d be just as grateful as their humans are.

South Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care

3924 Fernandina Road

Columbia, SC 29210