French Cooking Goes to the Dogs

Posted On January 2, 2016

This Columbia tradition with well-known Chef Francois Fisera continues to delight all who love their furry friends.

The guests of honor arrived dressed fit for a sidewalk café in Paris.  Their owners were just as enthusiastic as they greeted old friends and kept a watchful eye on wagging tales and sniffing noses.

It was the 2015 rendition of French Cooking Goes to the Dogs and another successful event in the life of Fleur de Lys Home Culinary Institute and its owner/chef Francois.  

The much-loved Columbia chef focuses on the best for his students – two-legged or four-legged – and as a result, he has students who’ve attended a multitude of culinary evenings demonstrating everything from the preparation of Kobe Beef Ribs with Makers Mark BBQ sauce, to New York State Breast of Mallard Duck Flambé with Grand Marnier Orange Sauce, to Shrimp with Lobster Vegetable Risotto Bordelaise. 

When it’s time to include the canines, the recipe gets a bit simpler for puppy tastes and tummies.  Boneless, skinless chicken is combined with chicken stock, vegetables and rice – hold the salt.  The likes of Boo Boo, Kibo, and Scout devour their portions with gusto.  The same recipe is enhanced for human consumption – onions, spices, a bit of salt and a splash of white wine.  The result?  Approval from all.

The evening usually includes a presentation from an animal expert.  It’s festive, flavorful and French-inspired fun.  

As for Chef Francois, the animal lover and master chef is a world traveler, who enjoys returning to his native France and other international destinations each year with Norwegian Cruise Lines, but returns to Columbia, the city he’s called home for almost 20 years.

The next French Cooking Goes to the Dogs is scheduled for February 16 at the Home Culinary School location on Millwood Avenue.  Want to take your best buddy out on the town?  Act quickly.  The event is so popular it routinely sells out. 

Tuesday, February 16

Fleur de Lys

Home Culinary Institute 

3001 Millwood Avenue Columbia, SC 29205 

765.9999 / fleurdelyscolumbiasc.com

You Tube:  FrenchCookingGoesToTheDogs

No companion animals at your house?

You can still enjoy attending Fleur de Lys for one of its many non-doggie cooking demonstrations, with dinner following.  For many Columbians, it’s one of their favorite ways to learn a bit about cooking, enjoy the fruits of Chef's labor, and meet new friends.