Posted On November 23, 2016

Enjoy a Five Points hangout catering to a more sophisticated crowd


Olando Patterson wanted a more refined restaurant and lounge atmosphere. A date-night kind of place for couples, a comfortable eatery for a slightly older crowd.

From this creative concept sprang Goat’s, a brand new take on a familiar Five Points destination. It sports craft cocktails, intriguing entrees and sumptuous desserts. Its target market is the twentysomething and over crowd.

Patterson earned his restaurateur stripes as longtime manager of Goatfeather’s, once located in the dinner-wine-dessert bar now known as Goat’s. Goatfeather’s closed in 2014. When it closed, Five Points had one less sophisticated destination.

Now Goat’s is earning high praise from first timers and repeat customers posting online.  “Great staff, great atmosphere, phenomenal food,” said one patron. Another commented, “Their version of a Moscow Mule is the best in town.” 

As Goat’s owner, Patterson has nothing but good things to say about his previous employer. What he’s doing differently, he says is “More back to basics. More good food, great atmosphere. Just a great experience overall.”

Take a glance at the menu and that’s easy to believe.

Bites and appetizers include buffalo oyster bites (fried oysters with cheese, tossed with hot sauce and blue cheese drizzle, poutine with duck confit and gravy and cheese curds, Bibb salad with goat cheese, roasted nuts and her vinaigrette and raw veggie salad with julienne celery roots, carrots, zucchini with red onions and red peppers and a cashew dressing. 

The entrée choices vary enormously from popular sandwiches such the Philly cheesesteak and duck tacos to beef bourguignon, baked local quail  and steamed mussels in a choice of cream or pesto sauce. Desserts vary from chocolatey chocolate cake to raspberry cheesecake. 

And then there’s the bar menu. And the wine list – a sprightly collection of varietals with purchases available by the glass or the bottle. You’ll find wines from California, France, Germany, South Africa and other Italy.

There’s also a wide selection of draught beers, bottled domestics and imported and bottled micro beers. Among them, you’ll find Evil Twin Sunshine Slacker from New York, Southern Barrel Helles Lager from South Carolina, Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate, New Holland Oatmeal Stout from Michigan and more.

The most intriguing of the alcoholic offerings for a low level imbiber like myself were the cocktails. The names of some are as creative as the ingredients. Check out the popular “Screaming Viking” with organic cucumber vodka, dry vermouth and lime juice or “The Lavender Kiss” with crème de violette, Deep Eddy Lemon vodka, champagne and a lemon twist. For a Southern spin on spirits, consider the Rhett Butler with Buffeit Bourbon, cranberry and lime or the Scarlett O’Hara with Buffeit Bourbon, Campari, Tippleman’s Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup and rhubarb bitters. And I’d swear by the Mango Mojito, a different take on one of my favorites.

“We’re not heavily focused on the college crowd,” Patterson said. “We’re not here to sell $2 drinks or $1 shots. It’s more like a restaurant, lounge atmosphere.”

Indeed, Goat’s ambiance makes it a comfortable, relaxed environment to enjoy a full meal or simply grab a drink or two. Other patrons commenting online also post positive reviews.

“First time I was here I came on a Friday night after work and had some of the best drinks I have ever had and absolutely loved the atmosphere, “said one visitor. “Came back yesterday with the girlfriend. Once again the drinks were out of the park awesome. We also got some food and it was delicious as well. Excellent date night locale as well as just an awesome spot to chill after work. Staff is kind and cool and the bartender is top notch.”

Great laid back atmosphere,” another visitor said. “Great food and always varied and unique specials. Perfect spot for a date or gatherings.”

Patterson says, “We do get a lot grad students here, young professors, young professionals. And we have a heavy lawyer crowd.”

The locale is also popular with people who live nearby. “We have the local neighborhood people who walk down and have dinner here with us also,” 

Patterson said, He believes the innovative cocktails draw people in along with the lively selection of food.

“We do a lot of things from scratch. We’ll do the whole duck and we’ll take off the breast for the duck entrée, we’ll take off the legs and roast for tacos. We will roast the duck down for the gravy.”

Columbians go to Goat’s to celebrate a couple’s engagement, to meet friends and simply to slow down. You can stop in for 30 minutes and one drink, spend the evening, or slip in after a movie, the theater or a concert.


2017 Devine St.