Healthy for the Holidays

Posted On November 23, 2016

By Catherine Ramsey

For many people, the holidays are a time to spend with family. This holiday season, help your family form heart-healthy habits to last the rest of their lives, habits which will help everyone keep the weight off and reduce risks for developing cardiovascular disease and other obesity-related diseases.               

Much of good health depends on lifestyle; however, the vast majority of Americans don’t get the recommended 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days a week, nor do they eat a balanced diet. 

We live in a nation full of quick fix diets and new exercise fads that all promise an illusion of lasting change. But despite the countless empty promises, the current troubling state of health in America remains.

At the American Heart Association, we believe now is the time to fight for lasting change. It’s time to put our health first and create a movement that truly lasts. It’s time that we commit to Healthy For Good.


Healthy For Good is a yearlong movement designed to rally Midlands residents to live healthier lives, inspire a lasting change, and unify people around the simple idea that making a small change today can create a difference for generations to come. 

Colonial Life and Carolina Nutrition Consultants, Inc. are both committed to improving the health of the Midlands community and have signed on as top-level sponsors of the Midlands’ Healthy For Good campaign.   

“The health of the people of the Midlands and our employees is very important to us at Colonial Life” said Tim Arnold, CEO of Colonial Life and Chairman of the 2017 Midlands Heart Walk. “We know heart diseases and stroke are the number one cause of death and disability in our community, our state and in the country.  As a result, we have a passion for helping people live a healthy life and avoid the many problems associated with these devastating and highly preventable diseases”. 

The Midlands Healthy For Good movement encourages people to initiate small changes in their behavior today, one step at a time, in order to have a life-long positive effect on their heart health. 

“We are honored to have Tim Arnold leading the 2017 Midlands Heart Walk as part of the Healthy For Good yearlong campaign” said Lindsay Teague, Midlands Development Director for the AHA. “Colonial Life has been an invaluable partner to the American Heart Association and a leader in worksite wellness while Tim truly exemplifies our mission of health and wellness while encouraging his employees and the Midlands community to do the same”. 

For more information about Healthy For Good or the Midlands Heart Walk please call 803.806.3092.

The holiday season is full of fun and festivities, but can also play havoc with your health regimen. With all those treats and feasts, parties, traveling and late nights, healthy eating habits and regular physical activity can go right out the window. Extra calories can quickly convert into additional pounds, which can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke, the nation’s No. 1 and number 5 killers.  

While holiday celebrations are often focused around cooking and eating, it is possible to make simple healthy changes that can cut saturated fat and calories without cutting out on the fun and flavor. Along with eating a healthy diet, it’s important to maintain physical activity during the holidays.