Idyllic Retreat

Posted On March 5, 2020

Casual Living puts comfort and durability at the top of the list

By Wendy McGonagall

What’s your favorite room in your home? If you said your porch or patio, you are in good company. Today, American homeowners are investing in the outdoor areas of their homes like no generations before. Outdoor living is so important today that hotels, restaurants, and even offices, are including well-appointed outdoor areas in an effort to get customers to choose them over the competition.

In Columbia, Casual Living was on this trend before anyone knew it was a trend. Since 1976, they have specialized in outdoor furniture and accessories and have promoted the outdoor lifestyle, citing all of the benefits that even healthcare practitioners have come to list today. Spending time outdoors is healthy for both mind and body – so much so that an outdoor living area has become an important selling feature of a home.

You may ask why it is so important to buy your outdoor furniture from a specialist since it’s available at a lot of the big-box establishments. At Casual Living they will tell you that, although products are sold for outdoor use, they are not all created equally, and some brands will not weather as well as one might expect after being exposed to the moisture and sunlight. With over forty years’ experience selling outdoor furniture, the experts at Casual Living have the knowledge and experience to accurately advise buyers on how various materials will weather, what kind of climates each will perform best in, and what to expect over time. They take the guess work out of your buying equation and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

At Casual Living, you will find man-made wicker, aluminum, teak, recycled plastic, and wrought iron selections which they have hand-picked for the Columbia market. Shoppers may choose from in-stock styles or custom order to “have it their way.” The Casual Living shopper puts comfort and durability at the top of their list, qualities that go hand-in-hand when shopping for outdoor furniture. There’s no sense in taking the time and spending the money to create an idyllic retreat at home only to furnish it with short-term, throw-away pieces in which neither the comfort nor the product will last more than a handful of seasons. The outdoor furniture sold at Casual Living will last for several decades. That’s a quality investment that returns great value on your dollar.

Life’s big events happen, with more frequency, outside. From weddings to birthday parties to family get-togethers to watching the big game, memories are being made in the outdoor rooms of our homes. Casual Living is ready and able to help you make the most of your outdoor living rooms to make the happiest memories you can dream of.