No “Feathering” in this NEST!

Posted On September 9, 2018

Bringing Your Decor into the Future

By Jackie Perrone

Feathering is SO twentieth century. Step into the world of Sleeking and Luxuriating and Automating, with The Nest at your command, and you’ll be sneaking up on the future before you know it.

A visit to the glittering showrooms of The Nest, at the corner of Gadsden and Washington Streets in the Columbia Vista, is an eye-popping experience guaranteed to elevate your standards for home life. Anyone old enough to remember the 1960 kitchens of Harvest Gold or Avocado will have to re-set to silver, black, and grey for kitchen and bath.

A refrigerator keeps things cold? A stove gets hot enough to cook food? That’s stuck in the past. Start thinking like an astronaut, dialing into controls on your camera and your phone which will turn it on, or off, or change settings, and even talk back. Those appliances, and others in the modern kitchen and bath, can do way more than they ever could before. No, it’s not Mars. It’s your home with today’s equipment.

Cynthia Lancaster, Director of Showrooms, earned her degree in Business Administration at UNC Charlotte, and worked in Interior Design before joining the Cregger Company. She also serves on the Customer Council of Manufacturers. 

Lancaster has watched the evolution of home technology over a three-decades career, starting in Charlotte and now in Columbia at The Nest. “This is our flagship showroom,” she proclaims. “We have plans for expansion, Charlotte, Greenville, across the Carolinas, but right here in the Vista we display plumbing, appliances and lighting that’s up to the minute.” 

Lancaster and others at The Nest stay up on trends and innovations at the markets in places such as Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando and New York. 

At The Nest, builders, architects, developers and retail consumers find the resources and products needed for home projects. The Nest can focus on “building a home, remodeling a space, or designing an entire community.” Lancaster specializes in Interior Design, and during her years in Charlotte worked with the Designer Showhouse each year and also with the stars of the Hornets and the Panthers as they moved into new homes in the city. She and the staff at The Nest have kept pace with the fast-moving technology which has transformed many of the things people do every day. 

They like to show off the built-in oven which can change from microwave to convection at the touch of a button. Your oven will be Wi-Fi connective, in sync with your phone and iPad. Issue commands while you’re driving home, and presto, a pre-heated oven on the job. Nowadays there’s something called an induction range. Get this: the stove top is not hot. The pan is.  It’s faster than gas, and easier to clean than any other version. 

A refrigerator displays an iPad-type screen on its door. It can show you what’s inside, display a needed recipe, and inventory the ingredients on hand.  A calendar, reminders of meetings and dates, pictures of the children; whatever is on your tablet is there also. 

Dishwashers come in assorted sizes, for different assignments. How about a double installation, one standard dishwasher with a smaller one nestled underneath. Both can run at the same time and that Thanksgiving dinner clean-up time is cut in half. Ranges and hoods which talk to each other, stay on top of any possible malfunction.  Forget the old-fashioned term “kitchen cabinets.” These days, that space is set up with drawers large and small. Just pull open a drawer to access the microwave oven or the dishwasher.

Lighting these days is LED, long-lasting and true to color in ways that incandescent never achieved. “Simple, clean lines,” says Lancaster. Clear glass, and sometimes an open-cage design which features light bulbs inside a framework but with no covering glass – easier cleaning, less breakage. Black, sometimes gold-colored, usually metal, that’s today’s (and tomorrow’s) lighting standard. 

As for the bath, free-standing tubs might be claw-footed in a nod to the past or square in a more futuristic way. The Real Rain overhead shower panel replicates the sight, sound and feel of rain. The variety of faucets and shower heads allows for multiple possibilities for individual tastes.  

Lancaster calls today’s styling “urban eclectic,” and adds that “farmhouse style” can include a touch of nostalgia even in a modern setting. The lighting fixtures, small or large, crystal or porcelain or wire for instance, should cover any situation. 

The Nest is the brainchild of Morris Cregger, who started The Cregger Company in 1978 as a plumbing supply business. Cregger Company now sports 32 locations throughout the southeast, and Morris’ son Mac Cregger has joined the staff.  

One possible drawback: you might run out of excuses for a missing ingredient, or an overdue entrée. After all, we’re only human, right? We forget, or do it wrong. Today’s technology is designed to outsmart you and help prevent mistakes. Don’t sweat it! Embrace it! 

The Nest likes the motto, “Never compromise.” Let’s get it right the first time, and every time.  Welcome to tomorrow.