Personalizing Education

Posted On January 1, 2017

Webster reaches across academic disciplines

By Cecile Holmes

Webster University’s Columbia campus is enhancing and promoting its undergraduate programs in management and psychology in addition to its graduate programs in business administration, counseling, health administration, human resources development, human resources management and management & leadership.

“What we offer is a flexible education that is unlimited for our students,” says Napoleon Melton, the university’s community relations coordinator.

Webster proffers regionally accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate programs. Academic programs focus on student success and utilize faculty with professional experience in particular academic areas, Melton says. 

A major asset for students, Melton says, is Webster’s determination to personalize education for students who have specific objectives, fulltime jobs (including the military) and difficult schedules. The campus’s goals include offering certificate programs in change leadership and entrepreneurship.

Change leadership involves understanding and spurring organizational change in a sometimes difficult economy and competitive industries. Entrepreneurship involves fostering and prospering in creative and small business environments.

Currently, Webster’s campus has about 425 students. About 350 are graduate students, Melton said.

"My courses were directly relevant and highly informative to my area of concentration,” a former student says on Webster’s website.

For information, prospective students may go to webster.edu/columbia or call 803.699.0900.