Remembering Loved Ones

Posted On November 10, 2019

Thompson Funeral at Greenlawn Memorial Park Offers Annual Remembrance Service for Those in Grief

When someone close has passed away, there are certain dates and occasions that can make the grief feel a little bit more raw. The holidays can be one of the most triggering times of year since they’re often associated with traditions and rituals – such as shopping, decorating, cooking, etc. When a key person is missing, that tradition must shift and longing for that person can amplify.

Thompson Funeral at Greenlawn Memorial Park are experienced in helping families and individuals through grief and hold an annual Remembrance Service for those who are experiencing any stage of the grieving process. Their goal is to help those in mourning prepare for and better understand the feelings they may find themselves encountering this time of year.

Mary Beth Lamey, Community Care Coordinator, explains that one may find themselves moodier, sadder, or more reminiscent. She also acknowledges that “sometimes our bodies know before our head and our heart.” Anxiety can increase and stress may feel less manageable than before. 

Just a couple of the tips that Lamey and her team offer include giving gift cards versus spending hours shopping, to reduce stress and additionally, considering going out of town for a family vacation instead of attempting the traditional holiday tradition. “It’s perfectly fine to make these temporary adjustments while you give yourself time to heal,” she says. 

All of the Thompson locations, including Greenlawn, will offer the service on the first Saturday of December (12/7) at 5:30 p.m. The service will feature music, a speaker, a picture memorial that guests can submit photos to in advance, and a reception afterwards. Guests can expect many supportive words of encouragement and validate. For additional information,