Spring into Fashion

Posted On March 5, 2018

Turning our backs on a very cold winter, we decided to go shopping to see what’s in fashion this spring. Naturally, we bought more than clothes.

Compiled by Anna Gelbman Edmonds, Photographs by Sally Scott, Models Gariane and Capers Gunter, Millie Lewis Columbia Agency

On him: Prodoh Shorts, $49.50, Prodoh Shirt, $41.50, Bailey Boys belt, $31.50, The Carousel

On her: Lila P shirt, $138, Principle skinny jeans, $128, Leather feather earrings, $38, Soho bead necklace, $36, M Boutique

Prodoh shorts, $49.50, Prodoh shirt, $47.50, Prodoh fish belt, $35.50, The Carousel

Veronica M pantsuit, $98, Jenna Burke snakeskin bracelet, $38, Jenna Burke fishbone necklace, $54, Laura Schull teardrop earrings, $48, M Boutique

Maven West ruffle-sleeve top, $132, J Brand skinny jeans, $178, Chan Luu coin necklace, $86, Copper Penny

Lavender Brown wrap dress, $275, Copper Penny