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Posted On March 13, 2017

We all want outdoor rooms that provide freedom to enjoy the natural world with family and friends.  At Casual Living, you’ll find the furniture and accessories to make that happen.

By Dottie Reynolds

Photos by Jay Browne

The planning and decorating of areas outside one’s home is no longer considered a luxury or something to be thought about as an add-on later. Today’s homeowners have embraced the outdoor living lifestyle and propelled it high onto their list of must-haves when buying or building. And why not? We spend so much of our day in a building or an automobile that is temperature controlled that, for most of us, spending time outside has become a need as much a want.

Casual Living has been selling the outdoor living lifestyle before there was a name for it. Since 1976, Casual Living has offered the Midlands top quality outdoor furniture from name-brand manufacturers. In the years since they opened as Columbia’s first outdoor furniture store, these experts have honed their skills and will help customers plan their entire outdoor living area—called rooms by the experts. 

Dining, lounging, cooking, and playing are activities performed in these outdoor rooms. Just as one creates separate rooms inside the house for different functions, today’s home owners realize the benefits and joys of planning in the same manner outside. One may find that a lounging area that accommodates a crowd satisfies entertaining needs, but for personal, quiet use, a smaller area is desired for just one or two people to relax and rejuvenate. 

Speaking of rejuvenation, home pools and spas continue to evolve into masterpieces that would make any hotel proud. Custom designs, specialty stone and tiles, water features, and hot tubs are becoming the norm. Features such as rock slides and custom in-pool lighting are becoming popular in high end homes in which the family prioritizes play.

Kitchens have rapidly evolved from a single grill to multi-burner systems that include pizza ovens, smokers, deep-fat fryers, and a wood-fired source with attachments to cook nearly anything one can dream of. And, while the chef is creating a culinary masterpiece in the outdoor kitchen, friends and family gather around, often at a built-in bar with comfortable bar stools, listening to the music coming from the outdoor speakers. And, if the big game is on? Well, all I can say is, don’t forget to plan in that big screen tv.

It is clear that outdoor living is an investment that reaps many rewards. Proper planning is as important (perhaps more so) as inside the home. Nature’s elements will take a toll on anything that is unprotected. Being clear about your expectations and understanding which materials are appropriate for your location, use, and expectation, is key in making your investment a wise one. Experts such as those at Casual Living know the questions to ask and have the answers to allow you to make an informed choice and bring years of happiness and satisfaction to your outdoor living lifestyle.

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